Ravi Bhatt: Nominated for IABCA Awards 2024

Exciting news! Our Founder and Managing Director, Ravi Bhatt, was nominated for the IABCA Awards 2024 in the Managing Director or Business Leader category. We’re happy for him!

Ravi Bhatt Nominated for IABCA Awards 2024

Ravi is not just a boss; he’s a great teacher and a kind person who cares about everyone. If you’ve met him, you know what we mean. He’s the real deal!

Under Ravi’s leadership, our team did some cool stuff in the past five years. From helping 21 people with disabilities return home to providing 37 places for kids who need extra care, Ravi has done a lot!

What’s special about Ravi is how he helps each person. He makes plans, therapies, and programs that fit everyone. He believes in having fun, enjoying life, and making sure everyone’s needs are met. With his experience helping people with disabilities and teaching mindfulness, Ravi is a great leader and friend.

We wish Ravi good luck for the IABCA Awards 2024. Whether or not he wins, we know he’ll keep improving the world. Go, Ravi!

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