Participants and Parents Talk About NDIS and Sunrise2Sunrise Support

Christmas 2022 was a wonderful (if busy) time for the Sunrise2Sunrise community to come together in celebration at our Christmas Party and our various supported independent living houses. We took a video along to find out what participants and parents have to say about NDIS and Sunrise2Sunrise support.

What the Parents Say

I think it’s the best thing that’s happened to us – NDIS and especially Sunrise2Sunrise” says Damian. Parents of a NDIS participant talk about how their son’s life and theirs have improved after 4 years with NDIS and Sunrise2Sunrise.

Roman is severely autistic, 6 foot 5, and 17 years old. Sunrise2Sunrise stepped into the picture and changed our lives” says Romans parents.

What the Participants Say

I’m so grateful to have Sunrise2Sunrise in my life.” “They have bought quality of life back to me”. says DD with her therapy dog Ruby Rose.

Now I get the support I’m starting to get out with more confidence” says Deb

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