NDIS CB Daily Activities Examples

NDIS CB Daily Activities stand for National Disability Insurance Scheme Capacity Building Supports for Capacity Supports in Daily Activities.

It encompasses services and assistance provided to individuals with disabilities to improve their daily living skills, social interaction, and community engagement.

This support category aims to enhance their overall independence and quality of life.

NDIS CB Daily Activities is the same as “Improved Daily Living Skills”, usually mentioned in your NDIS plan.


Below are examples of CB Daily Activities (Improved Daily Living Skills) under the NDIS.

  • Cooking Workshops: Engaging in cooking classes to enhance meal preparation skills and promote healthy eating habits.
  • Money Management Training: Acquiring financial literacy, budgeting, and money management skills to foster greater independence.
  • Travel Training: Learning to navigate public transportation independently and safely.
  • Social Skills Workshops: Participate in sessions to develop communication and social interaction abilities.
  • Household Chores Training: Build your skills to learn efficient methods for managing household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and organisation.
  • Time Management Coaching: Developing strategies to manage schedules, appointments, and daily activities effectively.
  • Technology Skills Workshops: Enhancing digital literacy skills to use technology for communication and daily tasks proficiently.
  • Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Speech Therapy, Dietician, Counselling, Audiology, Podiatry, Orthoptist: Engaging with qualified professionals to address specific needs, improve skills, and enhance well-being and increase your independence
  • Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Developmental Educator, Social Worker, Recovery Counselling: Exploring new avenues of support through specialized therapies and guidance recently introduced by the NDIS to enrich daily living experiences.

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