Kyle @ Clyde North!

On the 12th of October, Kyle accompanied us when we went to visit his soon to be permanent home in Clyde North. Kyle is super excited to move into his new home and was very inquisitive and interested in all that was happening at the construction site.

He can’t wait to see what the house will look like once it has been built completely. We got loads of photos for him to look back on and remember his time inspecting his new home!

Kyle has been an active participant in the design and construction of the house.  At the outset we sat down with Kyle and his family to ask about his needs and designed the house around those.  Once construction started he has visited the site to check on progress.

He (and us) are excitedly looking forward to move-in day.  In the meantime we’ve organised temporary accommodation for Kyle so his immediate and future needs are being met.


Sweet Home!

Kyle @ Clyde North at the construction site

Posing in the hallway of his soon to be new home!

Having the best time!

Taking Stock…

A bit of rain won’t stop Kyle

Claiming his new bedroom space

Creating memories..

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