How To Request an NDIS Support Coordinator?

Any NDIS participant needing assistance navigating their NDIS plan, accessing support services, and achieving their goals can get a support coordinator.

To access a support coordinator, you must include this service in their NDIS plan during their planning meeting, choose a coordinator from a registered or non-registered provider, and develop a service agreement to receive personalised support coordination services.

In this post, we’ll explore the steps to request support coordination under the NDIS and the eligibility criteria for this service.


Steps To Request a Support Coordinator Under NDIS

  1. Accessing the NDIS: If you are not already an NDIS participant, you need to apply for access to the NDIS. You can do this by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and completing an Access Request Form.
  2. NDIS Planning Meeting: Once your access to the NDIS is approved, you will have a planning meeting with an NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC). You will discuss your needs, goals, and support requirements during this meeting.
  3. Including Support Coordination in your Plan: If it is determined during the planning meeting that you require support coordination to implement your NDIS plan and achieve your goals, it will be included in your NDIS plan.
  4. Choosing a Support Coordinator: You can choose your support coordinator. You can select a support coordinator from a registered NDIS provider like Sunrise2Sunrise or a non-registered provider. It is essential to find a coordinator who understands your needs and preferences.
  5. NDIS Portal or NDIA Contact: Once you have decided on a support coordinator, you can either log in to the myplace portal on the NDIS website and enter the details of your chosen coordinator, or you can contact the NDIA directly and provide them with the information.
  6. Developing a Service Agreement: After selecting a support coordinator, you must develop a service agreement with them. This agreement outlines the specific services they will provide, the cost, and the support frequency.
  7. Support Coordination Services: Once the service agreement is in place, the support coordinator will start working with you to implement your NDIS plan. They will help you connect with service providers, coordinate your support, and implement your plan effectively.

Remember, support coordination is a funded support service available under the NDIS. It is designed to help you navigate and make the most of your NDIS plan, ensuring you receive the appropriate support and services to achieve your goals and enhance your quality of life.

Whether someone can get Support Coordination depends on whether they meet the eligibility criteria. It is considered reasonable and necessary for them to receive this service if they need it to access and manage their supports effectively.

One may be eligible for support coordination under the NDIS in the following situations:

  • Complex Needs: When an individual has complex support needs requiring multiple services and providers to be coordinated effectively.
  • Transitioning to the NDIS: During the transition period, a person is new to the NDIS and requires assistance in understanding and accessing available supports.
  • Multiple Services: When an individual receives services from various providers, coordination is needed to ensure seamless delivery and collaboration.
  • Conflicting Services: If there are conflicts or challenges in coordinating different support services effectively.
  • Crisis or Change in Circumstances: Support coordination may be required in times of crisis, or significant life changes to help identify and access appropriate support.
  • Goal Setting and Planning: When a person needs assistance setting goals, developing an NDIS plan, and connecting with suitable service providers.
  • Building Capacity: Support coordination can help individuals build their capacity to manage their NDIS plan independently over time.

It’s important to note that eligibility for support coordination is determined through an assessment by the NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) during the NDIS planning process.

If you meet the criteria for support coordination, it will be included in your NDIS plan to assist you in effectively accessing and implementing support.

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