Employee of The Month – Meet Rex

Hey everyone, meet Rex, the House Manager at Sunrise2Sunrise! Rex is super smart – he has a Master’s degree in public health and health promotion. He’s really good at his job, and that’s why he got named Employee of the Month!


Sunrise2Sunrise is all about helping out NDIS participants. We’re happy to have Rex on our team, making sure our clients get the best care possible. Big thanks to Rex for working so hard, and also to our bosses for making sure everyone feels welcome at work.

Rex has been working in health for over 5 years. His job is to team up with others and make sure our clients get great care. He wants them to be able to make smart choices and be independent.

Sunrise2Sunrise is like a big family, and Rex is an important part of it. He shows how we’re all about doing our best and helping each other. Go, Rex, and yay to everyone at Sunrise2Sunrise for being awesome!

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