Employee of The Month – Amy Taputu

Amy Taputu - Jan 2024 Employee of the Month

Meet our Employee of the Month – Amy Taputu

Amy Taputu has truly stood out as an outstanding employee at Welsummer Drive. Originally joining from Lum Road to assist with administrative tasks, Amy has proven to be an invaluable asset to the team.

Not only has Amy displayed remarkable leadership abilities, but she has also exemplified the qualities of a true team player. She has gone above and beyond by providing her colleagues with training on essential tasks such as case noting, completing incident reports, and following up on medication discrepancies.

What sets Amy apart is her dedication to supporting her coworkers even when she isn’t scheduled for a shift. On multiple occasions, she has willingly attended shifts to accompany participants to their GP appointments, ensuring that all the required forms are filled out accurately.

Furthermore, Amy has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the mental well-being of participants. Her efforts in this area have been nothing short of exemplary.

With her remarkable leadership skills and unwavering commitment to teamwork, Amy Taputu is undoubtedly deserving of for the title of Employee of the Month.

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