SIL – Supported Independent Living


SIL - Supported Independent Living

Sunrise2Sunrise currently operates over 25 SIL accommodation house’s, under SDA/SIL collaborations & out of home care supports Model. Sunrise2Sunrise management brings over 30 years combined experience in operating disability SIL accommodations housing a range of participants. Our range of participants ranges from Children with trauma, physical needs, developmental delay, ASD and Reactive attachment disorder. We are also a specialist in psychosocial and dual diagnosis participants.


Our tenant matching process takes into account a number of factors such as
• Participant physical needs
• Behavioural presentation
• Geographical preference
• Professional networks i.e. medical and allied health supports
• Social networks
• Family networks
The tenant matching process also involves a short period of Sunrise2Sunrise staff visiting and spending time with the prospective tenants and assess risk and needs in contrast to the written assessments.

• Sunrise2Sunrise management brings a wealth of experience current and past to bring meaningful and successful contribution to designs that meet the present day needs of a variety of participant settings.
• Sunrise2Sunrise currently manages rental SIL properties, therefore giving us a proven track record in property management and maintenance alongside meeting and maintaining client needs.
• Sunrise2Sunrise is a preferred SIL provider for DFFH and a number of specialist support coordination services who source accommodation for SDA/SIL participants.
• Sunrise2Sunrise brings a wealth of experience in administering SIL agreements and is adaptive to the ever-changing NDIS and residential and tenancies act requirements.

Sunrise2Sunrise has built smart and robust data collection systems, that have been developed in-house. These enable consistent and strong reporting, to maintain SIL funding and other NDIS funding.
Sunrise2Sunrise also brings a strong record in SIL application success, our team are experts in the SIL process and maintain a 95% success rate for our participants in SIL acceptance, this is owing to our reporting and data collection systems.

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