Cancer and the NDIS

Cancer and the NDIS

It can feel like the end of the world receiving the diagnosis of cancer, no matter whether you’re the patient, their family or a close friend. Then, the questions and the doubts come flooding in: What help can I get? Where can I get help? It doesn’t help that although the support system is well-established, it is not without its complexities.

That’s what we’re here for – to answer your questions about cancer and the NDIS, and to assist you in getting the help you need.

The Facts:

The NDIS, otherwise known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding and support to people with a disability. It helps pay the costs associated with disability, as well as guides you towards resources and providers (like us!).

Cancer patients do not qualify for NDIS because of cancer alone. If impairment results from cancer or treatment, they may satisfy the NDIS access requirements. For NDIS eligibility, cancer must cause permanent impairment that results in the patient being significantly disabled. Applicants are not judged on how they became disabled.

Receiving cancer treatment does not qualify you for the NDIS. However, Sunrise2Sunrise can refer you to organisations that can support you through the recovery process. We are aware that the treatment process is mentally difficult and physically arduous for the patient. We wish the absolute best for every cancer’s patient’s speedy and complete recovery.

If you believe you have become disabled due to cancer, reach out to us! Our team has a  combined experience of decades. Sunrise2Sunrise knows the process inside out and even if you aren’t 100% sure, get in contact!

The application process looks like this with Sunrise2Sunrise:

  1. Making sure that you are eligible.
  2. Completing the Access Request Form with our help.
  3. Creating your plan according to your needs in conjunction with our team’s advice to you.
  4. Accessing your plan and receiving the support you need!

Sunrise2Sunrise has many services we can offer.

This includes:

  1. In-home support (like cooking and grocery shopping)
  2. Domestic support for those that are unable to clean or to maintain their gardens.
  3. We can care for those that can’t care for themselves.

I don’t think Sunrise2Sunrise can help me. Where do I go?

 We’re sorry to hear we can’t be of help. However, here’s a few places that you can go to!

Cancer Council is one of the largest organisations that can help if you’re struggling with cancer. You can call to speak to a health professional on 13 11 20 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) if you have queries, connect with others that are in your situation, and receive counselling from qualified counsellors. Their website is:

Bowel Cancer Australia is an organisation dedicated towards supporting people with bowel cancer. You can talk to a nurse at: 1800 555 494

Breast Cancer Network Australia can help if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer. A nurse is available to answer your questions on this helpline: 1800 500 258

Their website also has helpful resources, and it is: Breast Cancer Network Australia

World Cancer Day 2022

The theme for World Cancer Day (Feb 4th) in 2022 was to question the status quo and reduce stigma, and we will continue to follow this message beyond the day itself. We encourage you to not be afraid of the stigma that surrounds cancer and the recovery process that comes afterwards – speaking to us openly is the first step.

The status quo for cancer patients and survivors needs to be questioned, and Sunrise2Sunrise is here to take these steps with the wider community.

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